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Narrative Design and Game Writing

Game design documents (GDDs), story documents, and pitches.


Worldbuilding, story development, and character design to ensure story elements are well integrated into gameplay.


Adventure, quest, and event writing and design.

Co-authored with Ann Lemay, Jennifer Brandes Hepler, and Tobias Heussner.


The Game Narrative Toolbox explores narrative design, the role of the narrative designer, and the entire development team's inclusion in the narrative-design process.


Features exercises at the end of each chapter.

Narrative Tactics Cover.jpg

Featuring Betsy Brey, Megan Fausti, Erin Hoffman-John, Elizabeth LaPensée, PhD, Jessica Sliwinski, and Eddy Webb.


Narrative Tactics for Mobile and Social Games: Pocket-Sized Storytelling discusses how mobile's technical limitations can become strengths, giving you the opportunity to innovate your game's narrative and engage your players in both unexpected and traditional ways. Chapters explore player agency and imagination, non-story games, characters, worldbuilding, dialogue, quest/mission design, games for specific demographics, educational games, branding games, and licensed IP.

Features tips for working through narrative design and story at the end of each chapter.

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