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About Schnoodle Media, LLC

Entertainment of Mixed Breeding

Schnoodle Media, LLC offers both writing, editing (proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing), and story consulting (including diversity consulting) services for a variety of media and genres.


I'm dedicated to working closely with you and helping you achieve the vision for your project. 


Specific product descriptions and sample work are featured under "Services." If you don't see your genre or medium listed, query me! 

Toiya Kristen Finley, PhD


I hold a Ph. D. in literature and creative writing from Binghamton University. With nearly 70 published works in print, I have nearly 20 years of experience writing in a range of genres, tones, styles, and voices.


I gained editorial experience interning at Henry Holt's imprint, Owl Books. At Binghamton, I founded the literary journal Harpur Palate and served as its managing/fiction editor.


I wrote mini e-books to get children interested in reading as Head Writer at Quantum Learning Technologies. My work in the games industry has included narrative design, game writing, and game design. I have consulted with Slooce Technology on developing interactive fiction and social game concepts for text messaging over SMS. I have been a writing center tutor, writing mentor, English tutor, and an instructor in both traditional and online classrooms. 


My current projects include narrative design on VR and educational games, writing for a manga series, and writing and editing a book on narrative design and game writing for mobile games.

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